Surrender to the darkness


if you have to,

There will always be light coming through, sooner or later

It’s okay to lose, to be vulnerable,

as long as being authentic to who you truly are

終 如烟似霧

心 依舊

那 就這樣吧

a day in my life,

20140909_0195-AdelaideLin_Peak Chana Dorje_2048

only matters to me.

終究, 能代表的只有自己; 能做的, 也只能做自己罷了

“我們曾如此渴望命運的波瀾, 到最後才發現, 人生最曼妙的風景, 竟是內心的淡定與從容

我們曾如此期盼外界的認可, 到最後才知道, 世界是自己的, 與他人毫無關係”

R.I.P. 楊絳 2016.5.25