I fight, therefore I survive.

A group of young kids in Klong Toey slum (Bangkok, Thailand) train in an afterschool program of Muay Thai (Traditional Thai kick boxing) at an outdoor gym with poor condition underneath the expressway. The training program has limited budget but provides kids with opportunities to keep off drugs and out of gangs in the slum. Furthermore, hope to make them out of the slum one day.

Young boy rests after Muay Thai training.
Kids train in an afterschool program designed to keep them off drugs and out of gangs.
Young boys train in the evening
Young boys train Muay Thai at the outdoor gym underneath expressway.
Child boxer looks with admiration at his trainer while he helps him with his gloves.

P.S. Pray for Bangkok.

4 thoughts on “I fight, therefore I survive.”

  1. this is such a brilliant set of photographs, really emotive. I can’t decide whether I like the first or the last best! I think the boys expression in the first photo wins it for me 🙂

    Infact, I like the whole first page of your blog! (I’m sure I’d like the rest, I just don’t have time to read on). I really like how cohesive everything feels, always using black and white. Your exposures are perfect everytime

    1. Thanks for such a lovely comment!! I also like the first boy’s expression… 😛

      Regarding to my exposure, I wouldn’t say it’s perfect, but I’m surely trying to adjust it to fit the feeling I prefer… 🙂

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