A dialogue between illusion and another

Silhouette of tree and its reflection.
Plants with reflection of trees.


I did intend not to caption this series to illusion and reality, even though it might fit the image more… in certain ways?! Yet, in Buddhism’s point of view, everything is Maya (illusion). Illusion or reality is like chicken or egg to me, not a question to answer. The moment is what I captured, and has left (in) me, no matter it’s illusion or reality. Living through moment to moment seems matter more…

At War for Peace

Napa Lake in Shangrila, Yunnan, China.
At war for peace I
Napa Lake in Shangrila, Yunnan, China.
At war for peace II

Napa Lake in Shangrila, Yunnan, China.

The same lake presents extremely different faces within an hour.

Can’t help thinking of… “Through the turbulence, peace is near. “

Be patient and calm, then, the dark night of the soul will be crossed… hopefully…

Imperfect makes perfect.

A photo was taken during the harshest light – noon, noon, noon, yes, it’s noon!  Against all the golden rules of how to get a perfect image. Yet, I really don’t think we need to be that perfect all the time. Not that I don’t want to, but, it’s hard to plan in life most of time. Try to get the best out of it is pretty good enough, I think. This image without perfect light seems much more attractive to me.

Black and white.