A beautiful encounter.

Sometimes… I do wonder why people let you in and take photograph of themselves in street… It’s easier for me to understand NO rather than YES, coz I am those kind of people who don’t like to be photographed…  🙂

But, one thing I am sure – only when you accept who you really are, you don’t mind how people look at you and photograph you.

To the old man, it’s just another encounter in life. Yet, to me, it was surely a beautiful encounter in my life.

p.s. I love his shy smile…

曼谷街頭美麗邂逅 – 年邁的容顏+滿身刺青。 老人的臉, 充滿故事的臉… 他, 給了我一個羞澀的微笑 – 在我們偶遇的一瞬間。