Shanghai blue

The Oriental Pearl Tower.
The bund.
The bund.
The Oriental Pearl Tower.
People at the bund.
The Oriental Pearl Tower.

A city that I live for past four years, still full of mysteries to me by far.

A city that constantly changes, memory becomes so hard to be recalled.

Perhaps, it’s her nature, none can ever see through it.

Yet, you fall for it, eventually.

– Shanghai Blue



從一開始的過客, 到逐漸熟悉
有太多的糾結, 雜陳

我, 有時候的我, 不是我, 是一個小台灣


I fight, therefore I survive.

A group of young kids in Klong Toey slum (Bangkok, Thailand) train in an afterschool program of Muay Thai (Traditional Thai kick boxing) at an outdoor gym with poor condition underneath the expressway. The training program has limited budget but provides kids with opportunities to keep off drugs and out of gangs in the slum. Furthermore, hope to make them out of the slum one day.

Young boy rests after Muay Thai training.
Kids train in an afterschool program designed to keep them off drugs and out of gangs.
Young boys train in the evening
Young boys train Muay Thai at the outdoor gym underneath expressway.
Child boxer looks with admiration at his trainer while he helps him with his gloves.

P.S. Pray for Bangkok.

‎”I’ve never made any picture, good or bad, without paying for it in emotional turmoil.”

‎”I’ve never made any picture, good or bad, without paying for it in emotional turmoil.”
— W. Eugene Smith

That is something I’d like to bear in mind all the time. Love the subject of your pictures, they are far more beyond a subject. When you feel for it, you bring life into it.

Girls stay in the shade on raining day

A beautiful encounter.

Sometimes… I do wonder why people let you in and take photograph of themselves in street… It’s easier for me to understand NO rather than YES, coz I am those kind of people who don’t like to be photographed…  🙂

But, one thing I am sure – only when you accept who you really are, you don’t mind how people look at you and photograph you.

To the old man, it’s just another encounter in life. Yet, to me, it was surely a beautiful encounter in my life.

p.s. I love his shy smile…

曼谷街頭美麗邂逅 – 年邁的容顏+滿身刺青。 老人的臉, 充滿故事的臉… 他, 給了我一個羞澀的微笑 – 在我們偶遇的一瞬間。

One good reason to fall in love with rain again.

It wan raining heavily during peak hour in Shanghai today.  Lots of people coming out from subway hesitated to walk out when they saw the thunder rain, and most of them waited at the exit. On the contrary, I was one of those keeping walking and didn’t let the rain affect me, coz I have one good reason to enjoy raining day and not to worry about getting wet…

She is the reason – a young girl happily dancing in the rain while I was shooting in Klong Toey slum couple months ago.  I almost forgot how much fun we could have in a raining day while being kids…  🙂

Young girl dances in the rain.