Thirty Years, an Attitude

Boiling teapot

I was lucky to meet an national Gong crafts-master, TL Wu, in Taiwan for one assignment lately. Gong is made with copper and mainly used for religious rituals in Taiwan. Mr. Wu  has spent over thirty years on making Gong (traditional music instrument) ever since he heard the sound of it in his early twenties. However, due to the reduction of such ritual activities, it’s less produced nowadays. He is one of two existing handmade Gong masters in Taiwan. Apart from Gong, he also creates copper art work and received several awards of it.

During my assignment, I also did a brief project in his studio. His studio locates in the mountain in New Taipei City. He enjoys living in a nature environment and gets inspiration from it. Here is the short photo essay/book about his work and his inspiration from nature. You may click the photo to open PDF file or click here (Thirty years, an attitude.)

Hope you will enjoy it. And, wish you all a lovely and blessed holidays! 🙂